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Coyote Removal in Los Angeles refers to medium-sized members of the dog family. They are larger than foxes but smaller than wolves. Coyotes are native to western North America, they are extremely adaptable. Coyotes have increased in numbers and have increased their geographical range during the past fifty years, due in part to human modification of the landscape. Coyotes now are found almost everywhere in North America.

Coyotes are closely related to wolves and dogs. Coyotes are known to hunt and scavenge in packs. Although coyotes prefer to live in the wild, human development has forced coyotes to adapt and so coyotes are found more and more on human property, a little too close for comfort! Coyote Removal, Coyote Control and Trapping Coyotes has become more common in the Los Angeles area.

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Coyote Control Los Angeles and Behavior Around Humans

Normally, coyotes are very elusive animals that avoid contact with humans. Most coyotes are active after dusk and before daylight, they are typically seen only at a distance. This may be a response to hunting, trapping, and other efforts to control coyote predation. Many coyotes have been often harassed and killed ever since settlers first arrived in western North America with their cattle and livestock. In most areas of California, coyotes continue to behave in ways that avoid their contact with humans.

In areas where predator control procedures are practiced, coyotes are particularly wary of humans and of changes in their environment. Similarly, they are also wary of humans in places where sport hunters shoot coyotes. Their excellent sense of smell and their tendency to avoid certain objects makes it very difficult to capture or even to study them, as they often recognize and evade traps, snares, and cameras.

Coyotes usually don't attack humans, but there have been cases in which they've attacked small children. Small pets, such as cats, can also fall prey to coyotes. Just like all wildlife, coyotes will attack when cornered or if they feel threatened.

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Rabid Coyote Removal is for the Pros

Rabies is always a concern when confronting coyotes. Coyote Control is dangerous. Call All City Animal Trapping to perform Coyote Removal, Coyote Control and Trapping Coyotes in Los Angeles.

All City Animal Trapping professionals are professionally trained in controlling coyotes, removing coyotes, coyotes exclusion and control of all types of animals. We'll perform Coyote Control and Coyote Removal in Losangeles. Our coyote removal experts control your coyote problems in your Los Angeles LA area

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